The Best News in Science and Technology in 2011?

A New Book dealing with Revolutionary Cancer Treatment using 'Primo' Entity.

Professor Kwang-Sup Soh at the Seoul National University Published World-first Collection of 'Primo' articles.

The Real Entity of Kyungrak Revealed as an Important Passage of Cancer Metastasis.

Modernization of Oriental Medicine via Systematic Kyungrak Research.

A Korean Research Team Ellucidated Kyungrak Mistery via Science.

Ellucidating 'Kyungrak Mistery' via Science

Ellucidating Kyungrak Mistery via Science

Elucidation of Kyungrak Mistery via Science

'Scientific Validation of Kyungrak' the First Collection of Scientific Articles - Yonhap New

Ellucidating Kyungrak Mysery via Science . . Korean Research Team published Scientific Article Collection in English

From Kyungrak Mistery to 'Science'